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In the winter of 2020/2021 I made my first short documentary. I started this project by following my personal experience of moving from a big city (Amsterdam) to a small city (Maastricht.)

In Amsterdam I had always felt a certain pressure to perform; to become important and successful at whatever it was I was doing. In Maastricht however, the people were more focused on enjoying life than making a career and it gave me a lot of inner peace. I wanted to research what was happening, and whether it only happened to me or that other people noticed the same differences as well.

I interviewed three young women who also moved from a big city to a smaller city or village to see how they experienced the same shifts in their lives and inner peace.

(For full documentary, please contact me.)

Film ss 1.png
ss 2.png
ss 3.png


It turned out that the women I interviewed had very similar experiences to me. I did however not want to make this project a plea for moving to a village. The things we enjoyed about the smaller cities and villages were more and deeper personal contact, more time, more nature and less pressure. My next challenge is to find out how we can create a place within a city where we can find all these important things. Because that will be the best of both worlds. It is therefor that I will be moving to a big city again, with the knowledge I have now. In March 2022 I will move to Vienna (Austria.)

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